Cuddle Smart Antimicrobial Fitted Crib Sheet

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Say nite-nite to baby, and crib sheet germs.

Let baby sleep more soundly on the CS Antimicrobial Fitted Crib Sheet. There are plenty of cozy crib sheets out there, but Cuddle Smart fitted crib sheets go beyond comfort. The deluxe, plush jersey knit and polyester fabrics of these baby crib sheets are designed with patented antimicrobial silver yarn which eliminates bacteria that can cause odor. The silver also features natural thermal properties to help keep little ones cooler in warm weather, and warmer in cool weather. Plus, the soft jersey crib sheets prevent mold, mildew and fungi. Sized at 52 x 28 inches, this crib sheet is designed to fit standard mattresses that are 4 to 8 inches thick. It also features an elastic border and Velcro fasteners. Made in the USA without any chemicals or harmful dyes, the antimicrobial sheet is machine washable and boasts a natural oatmeal-silver color that complements any decor.

Benefits Include:
- CS Antimicrobial Fitted Crib Sheet eliminates odor-causing bacteria
- Prevents mildew, mold and fungi
- Plush jersey knit and polyester fabric features antimicrobial silver yarn
- Natural thermal properties of the silver help balance body temperature
- 52" x 28" fitted crib sheet fits standard 4- to 8-inch thick mattresses
- Natural oatmeal-silver color coordinates with any decor
- Elasticized border with Velcro fasteners
- Cuddle Smart baby crib sheets are made in the USA without chemicals and harmful dyes
- Machine washable

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According to a University of Buffalo study, strep bacteria can remain on inanimate objects and surfaces for many hours after they've been cleaned – things like toys, cribs and books.
•30% Argent 47™ antimicrobial silver yarn, 70% polyester

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