Diva Stuff Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray

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Use antibacterial spray to keep germs out of your workout.

At the gym or in fitness classes, you can potentially come into contact with all types of germs, from norovirus to athlete's foot fungi. Before you grab the free weights or a yoga mat, spritz them with Diva Stuff Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray. This antibacterial mat spray gets rid of germs so you can focus on a healthy workout. Toss the antibacterial spray in your fitness bag or keep one in your gym locker to spray on yoga mats, exercise machine handles and other fitness equipment you come into contact with. Featuring a pleasant scent, the yoga mat spray can also be used on surfaces such as benches or beach chairs.

Benefits Include:
- Diva Stuff Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray gets rid of germs
- Suitable for use on yoga mats and exercise equipment
- Mat spray can even be used on benches or beach chairs
- Antibacterial spray features pleasant scent
- Size: 2 oz
- UPC: 712324531664

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You know what lasts a lot longer than you do on exercise equipment? Germs like norovirus, which can thrive for a month, and cause illness like stomach pain and vomiting.
distilled water, alcohol, tea tree hydrosol, peppermint water, fragrance, germal plus, colorant

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