Dr. Doormat Antimicrobial Treated Door Mat

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Freshen your step with an antimicrobial treated Dr. Doormat.

Choose Dr. Doormat door mats to help prevent dirt, bacteria, allergens and toxins from entering your home. This door mats is designed to act as a scrubbing brush for your soles, with 90-count material woven into a special bubble pattern. Use the indoor door mat at any entrance to your home for protection against unwanted intruders like mold, mildew and fungus. This door mat is infused with an antibacterial treatment that creates a positive charge to attack negatively charged microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and mold. Wipe feet and paws twice on the door mat before entering your home to guarantee the best results.

Benefits Include:
- Suitable for use as indoor door mat
- Eco-friendly product designed to remove up to 90% of dirt and grime from soles
- Attractive door mat suitable for any entrance of home
- Eco-friendly doormat is infused with antimicrobial treatment to create a positive charge that starts to disable negatively charged microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and mold
- Antimicrobial treatment cannot be tracked through the home
- 90-count material woven into a special bubble pattern acts as scrubbing brush for soles
- Size 18x24
- Made in the USA
- UPC: 856840003240, 856840003129, 856840003233

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Customer Reviews (3 Items)

Wipe Your Feet!

on 6/29/2016

A doormat is, well, a doormat, right? Something you walk over before entering your home without thinking much about what you might be bringing inside with you...lots of "unknowns" to be sure. Yuck. Well, now it's time to start being mindful about the ten or so seconds you scruff those shoes on your doormat--your Dr. Doormat antimicrobial treated door mat that removes 90% of the germies and "stuff" clinging for dear life to the bottom of those flip-flops. How do I know this really works? It does because I BELIEVE it does, I'm a trusting soul and I pay attention to the fine-print which tells me it does. For me, the best part of giving the Good Doctor a back-rub is the peace of mind it brings--I don't have to worry that I might be bringing part of the parking garage into my home.

Wipe Your Feet

on 6/29/2016

A doormat is, well, a doormat, right? Something you walk on before entering your home, unceremoniously wiping your shoes on without thinking much about it... Well, it's time to start thinking about just what might be on the bottom of those shoes that have walked over who-knows-what and is now being tracked inside. Yuck. The best thing about my Dr. Doormat antimicrobial treated doormat is that I am now MINDFUL about spending ten seconds to scruff my feet on the good Dr. before entering my home...[sorry Dr. Doormat, I hope I'm not hurting you]. Does this really "work"? Well, I can't PROVE that it does, but my belief is that YES, I am removing all kinds of germies from my shoes...and for that peace of mind, I consider my Dr. Doormat to be priceless.

Great Mat

on 1/28/2016

Dr. Doormat is not a gimmick. This is a great doormat that not only looks great, but actually does what it says. If you are concerned about the dirt you track in on your shoes or if you have allergies, this mat is for you. Easy to clean in the washing machine and you can vacuum as well. Looks nice enough to place inside your house or apt. too. Lasts for years. And pets love it too.

According to a study from the University of Arizona, the bottoms of your shoes can carry with them all types of nasty bacteria you stepped on out in the world -- including germs from animal waste. When you wear your shoes in the house, this bacteria can be transferred to the floor, where babies and toddlers spend a lot of their time.
Specially formulated antimicrobial chemistry

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