e-cloth Deep Clean Mop

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Germs are all mopped up using this e-cloth floor cleaner.

You'll enjoy true chemical-free cleaning using this E-cloth floor cleaning mop. Not only does the deep clean mop tackle the dirt on hard floor surfaces, but the cleaning mop also gets rid of over 99% of bacteria, including E. coli and Listeria. And it only needs water! The antibacterial floor cleaning mop is designed with fiber technology that penetrates and removes dirt, grime, grease and oil. It's lightweight, easy to maneuver and is also a telescopic mop with an aluminum handle that adjusts from 33 inches to 63 inches.

Benefits Include:
- E-cloth mop works with just water to deliver chemical-free cleaning
- Floor cleaning mop eliminates dirt, grime, oil and grease
- Deep clean mop removes over 99% of bacteria, including E. coli and Listeria
- Lightweight telescopic mop adjusts from 33 to 63 inches
- Includes aluminum handle, mop head base and 5.25" x17.5" damp mop head
- UPC: 899484002507

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Typically, the floor in your bathroom is dirtier than the toilet seat. A test orchestrated by ABC News 20/20 found 2 million bacteria per square inch on the studio's restroom floor.
80% polyester/20% polyamide

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