e-cloth Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel

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Freshen the fur of fuzzy friends with this pet towel.

Clean, dry and groom Fido or Fluffy using a soft pet towel. Twice as absorbent as conventional towels, e-cloth absorbent towels dry pet's fur four times faster than average towels. Anyone who has ever had to bathe a cat knows it's not a feline's favorite pastime, and this pet cleaning cloth gets kitty dry quickly, while offering soothing, luxurious softness. And keep the pet grooming towel close to the door to wipe off dirty paws and wet fur when your dog comes inside after playing in the mud or rain. This pet cleaning product offers chemical-free cleaning, and removes dirt, mud and bacteria quickly. Plus, it's guaranteed for 300 machine washes.

Benefits Include:
- Pet cleaning cloth dries four times faster than traditional towels
- Absorbent towel is twice as absorbent than conventional towels
- Removes and locks away dirt, mud and bacteria quickly
- Pet grooming towel provides luxurious softness for dogs and cats
- Pet cleaning and drying towel offers chemical-free cleaning
-eE-cloth pet towel is guaranteed for 300 machine washes
- UPC: 899484002149

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A must have

on 3/1/2016

This is a must have all year round. We have one in the car and one by the door. Snow and rain are common in our area and this towel is amazing on our dogs paws as well as on his coat when he gets wet.

If your pets use areas of the backyard as outdoor bathrooms, you may not want children to play in those spots. If your animal has a parasitic roundworm infection, eggs pass through in their stools, and can contaminate the ground.

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