e-cloth Pet Cleaning Mitt

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Pamper your furry friends with this massaging mitt.

Rid your pet's fur of dirt, moisture and bacteria with this e-cloth Pet Cleaning Mitt. Featuring a dual-sided design, the pet grooming mitt has a short pile side for removing dirt and mud, and a fronted side to dry off fur. The chemical-free pet cleaning product not only cleans and dries your pet, but it also delivers a gentle massaging action dogs and cats will love. The convenient pet cleaning supply can be used wet or dry, and leaves your pet's fur clean and shiny. During bath time, the pet cleaning mitt makes it much easier to scrub areas like legs, tails and your pet's underside. Apprehensive kitties may appreciate the soothing massage feel of the mitt for those times they need to be cleaned with water, and the pet cleaning mitt's quick, high-capacity absorption makes it easier to dry off dripping doggies. Plus, the pet grooming mitt is guaranteed for 300 machine washes.

Benefits Include:
- Pet Cleaning Mitt works for dogs and cats
- Dual-sided pet grooming mitt features short pile side for removing dirt and a fronded side for drying fur
- Offers chemical-free cleaning
- Leaves fur clean and shiny
- Guaranteed for 300 machine washes
- UPC: 899484002453

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Not just for the Cat and Dog

on 3/1/2016

This may or may not surprise you, but this one ended up in the horses grooming kit. A gem for spot cleaning between bathing and for times when it's just too cold out to drench the horse in water and bathe him. Once it warms up, we plan on trying this for an all out bath on our #GustheBus.

Bacteria that lives on dog fur can end up on lots of different surfaces of the home, such as pillowcases.

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