e-cloth Stainless Steel Cloth

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Face the challenge of shining stainless steel with this polishing cloth.

Choose this e-cloth cleaning cloth when you are ready to take on the challenge of cleaning polished and brushed stainless steel. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much easier it is to remove grease, grime and hardened stains from surfaces when you use the antibacterial stainless steel cloth. Each side of the cloth is designed to perform a different action. One side has stiffer fibers for cleaning brushed stainless steel surfaces, and removing tough messes from both brushed and polished stainless steel. The other side has smoother fibers ideal for cleaning polished stainless steel. Get rid of bacteria with both sides that lift and remove 99% of bacteria and germs from hard surfaces. For chemical-free cleaning, you can't go wrong with this e-cloth stainless steel polishing cloth that only requires water to work. And, the disinfectant cleaning cloth is guaranteed for 300 machine washings, providing you with long-lasting cleaning power.

Benefits Include:
- Cleaning cloth removes smudges, oil, grease and grime
- Eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs from stainless steel surfaces
- Smooth side for cleaning polished stainless steel
- Rough side with stiffer fibers for cleaning brushed stainless steel, and hardened messes on both brushed and polished stainless steel
- e-cloth delivers chemical-free cleaning by only using water
- Guaranteed for 300 machine washings
- Includes one 12.5" x 12.5" e-cloth Stainless Steel Cloth
- UPC: 899484002798

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on 1/7/2018

Great product, love that it is machine washable!!!!

Stainless steel looks pretty, but looks can be deceiving, as the hard surface can harbor salmonella bacteria for days.
75% polyester, 15% polyamide, 10% polypropylene

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