Eat Cleaner Seafood + Poultry Wash Spray

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Remove residue with Eat Cleaner fruit and veggie wash.

Bid residue farewell with fruit and veggie wash by Eat Cleaner, and enjoy a product cleaner that is safe on organic and commercially grown food. This all-natural patented produce wash is a tasteless, odorless and lab tested line of produce wash that is up to 99.9 percent more effective at removing harmful bacteria, residue and chemicals than washing with water alone. Use this fruit and vegetable wash, made from a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants, to save your family up to $500 per year by expanding the shelf life of your produce by up to 200 percent. Clean with this veggie and fruit wash by spraying Eat Cleaner ready-to-use fruit + vegetable wash on food, waiting two minutes and then enjoying.

Benefits Include:
- Fruit and veggie wash is safe on commercially and organically grown produce
- Use Eat Cleaner fruit and vegetable wash to expand the shelf life of your produce by up to 200 percent
- Save your family up to $500 per year by preserving food
- Made from a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants
- UPC Code: 855318002631

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Customer Reviews (11 Items)

Works great but broke

on 6/12/2017

It works amazing. My fruits and veggies color brighten when I use it. I love that I can feel confident that the food I'm giving my kiddos is clean. One disappointment though... The squirt nozzle broke. I can't use it if the nozzle isn't attached. Just broke right off. Couldn't fix it.

Better then Expected

on 4/22/2017

I can honestly say I wasn't expecting much with this products but it really does get the wax coatings off of fruits and veggies. It make they last better in some way. Love this product and I will be repurchasing.

I think my hopes were too high...

on 12/18/2016

Not quite what I hoped for, but then I'm not quite sure what I was expecting it to do.

The average American will eat approximately 273 pounds of fruit and 415 pounds of vegetables each year.
Citric acid, which naturally occurs in most fruit and vegetables, Sodium Citrate, a Citric Acid salt, Decyl Glucoside, a plant-based surfactant, Sea Salt, a natural preservative and anti-bacterial, Vegetable Glycerin, Calcium Ascorbate, an antioxidant that helps prolong shelf life

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