EquiFit Antimicrobial CleanMat Yoga Mat

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No sweat, this non-slip yoga mat stays fresh.

When you bend, pose and stretch in a heated yoga studio, you're bound to work up a sweat. And that can make your yoga mat slippery, not to mention germy. Use the AgSilver CleanMat Hot Yoga Mat to solve those problems. Created with built-in antimicrobial protection, this EquiFit Yoga Mat remains a hygienic exercise mat that stays smelling fresh. The unique hot yoga mat features patented silver technology by Agion that spares it from odors caused by bacteria and fungus. Antimicrobial agents are encapsulated into the yoga mat's fibers, providing a barrier to bacteria and fungus growth. And, practice all the hot yoga, Bikram yoga or other types of yoga you want – this two-sided antimicrobial yoga mat won't get slippery, plus, it features a traction side for durability. The 72" x 24" x 0.2" antibacterial yoga mat is washable, but no disinfecting is required for the life of the mat. As it's PVC- and latex-free, the hot yoga mat is ideal to stock in studios and gyms for students to share.

Benefits Include:
- EquiFit Antibacterial CleanMat features built-in antimicrobial protection
- Non-slip hot yoga mat stays odor-free
- A patented silver technology process encapsulates an antimicrobial agent into the yoga mat's fibers to create a barrier to bacteria and fungus growth
- Antimicrobial yoga mat is washable, but no disinfecting is necessary for the life of the mat
- Features traction side for durability
- Two-sided yoga mat measures 72" x 24" x 0.2"
- PVC- and latex-free hygienic exercise mat

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Shared yoga mats can host a multitude of nasty germs, from toenail funguses to bacteria that cause strep infection. Even your own personal mat can pick up bacteria from the floor.

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