Forever Safe Antibacterial Baby Blankie

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Fight germs … and the dreaded lost baby blanket.

Berkshire Blankets solved the decade-old dilemma of lost baby blanket syndrome with this satin-trimmed blanket that features a satin tab that snaps around your stroller or baby bag. Stop tears, of baby and mom, with a baby blankie that stays safe and secure. Speaking of safe, this antibacterial baby blanket features the natural germ-resistant power of X-Static silver, which is intertwined into the blanket's fibers for protection against bacteria and germs. Berkshire Blankets baby blankets measures 20 x 20, making them a sizable addition to your germ-fighting, baby-soothing cavalry.

Benefits Include:
- Forever Safe Never Lost Baby Blankie features X-Static silver for natural antibacterial protection
- A satin strap keeps blanket secure to diaper bag or stroller
- Germ-resistant baby blanket measure 20x20
- This soft, cotton blanket is satin trimmed for the ultimate in baby comfort
- UPC: U180
- UPC: 791551457497

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Even washed baby blankets can feature coliforms, types of bacteria that are linked to feces.

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