Formaticum Antibacterial Food Storage Bags, 10pk

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Formaticum Food Storage Bags reduce food waste, they can be washed and reused and should be recycled when done reducing actual waste. These bags are the perfect size to store everything you eat. If you eat it, use these bags to store it, and everything will last longer!
-Each bag measures 9.75" x 14".
-Each pack contains 10 bags.

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How to reuse??

on 6/26/2017

These bags are really unusual. Unfortunately, I don't find the directions on how to use or what they are best used for very helpful. I also don't know how they can be reused, since they are pretty crinkly. The directions say reusable and recyclable, but there is no number listed. And does reusable mean washable? Again, it doesn't say. I used them for storing muffins, and I liked how easy it is to fold and clip the bags shut. I haven't yet tried to store fruit or veggies in them. While I like them so far, at this cost, I'm not sure I would buy again.

Studies have proven that food stored in this material lasts twice as long, as when stored in leading alternatives.

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