Fresh Wave Odor Removing Fresh Pod

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Create a wave of fresh air with this air freshener.

Don't use chemical air fresheners to just mask odors – use a Fresh Wave air freshener pod to actually make odors disappear. Created with natural extracts, this cleaning air freshener gets rid of odor molecules, and fills small spaces with the fresh scent of pine needle, lime, aniseed, clove and cedarwood. Air freshener pods are the ideal size to stick in garbage cans, closets, gym lockers, diaper pails and anywhere else you want to zap unpleasant smells. Fresh Wave air fresheners are even a smart choice to keep cars, boats and RVs smelling fresh. They're biodegradable, they don't contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, and the natural air sanitizers are easy to use: Simply adhere the refillable pod case to any clean, flat surface and enjoy odor-free air all day for 30 days.

Benefits Include:
- Fresh Wave air freshener pod removes odors using natural ingredients
- Features fresh scent of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood
- Air freshener pod has refillable case
- Biodegradable cleaning air freshener
- Fresh Wave air fresheners are free of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients
- Air freshener pod packaged using recycled materials
- Includes one Odor Removing Fresh Pod and one Odor Removing Pack, with other refill packs available
- UPC: 816920000187

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Customer Reviews (1 Items)

Pops open doesn’t fight odor

on 11/19/2017

I put this in my trash can cabinet hoping it would control the odor. It didn’t help at all! Plus the thing just popped open constantly. I ended up throwing it on the bottom of the cabinet. I don’t know how the refills have a good review. If this can’t fight even a little trash smell, then what’s the point. Now I have the refreshing spray by this brand and it’s okay (kinda smells like root beer). Anyway don’t waste your money.

The scent of pine has been a popular choice for freshening the air ever since those little tree fresheners started hanging from car rearview mirrors. The chemist who created them, Julius Samann, was inspired by the aromas of Alpine trees in Canadian forests.
Water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood.

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