Germ Blitz Antimicrobial Aerosol Spray

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Wage war on germs with this disinfectant spray.

Make Germ Blitz disinfectant spray your go-to tool for killing 99% of germs, mold and mildew found on gym equipment and athletic gear. This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved sanitizer spray is easy to use and was developed specifically to kill dangerous pathogens while not damaging athletic equipment. Simply shake, spray on surface until it appears wet, wait five minutes, and then wipe it dry. Designed for use on sports equipment, this antibacterial spray also eliminates odors commonly found on gym equipment and personal gear. The spray disinfectant is particularly good for disinfecting hard-to-reach, porous areas such as shoes, protective gear and shin guards.

Benefits Include: Disinfectant spray kills 99% of germs, mold and mildew found on surfaces
- Antimicrobial spray eliminates odors
- Easy-to-use spray disinfectant
- Perfect for disinfecting hard-to-reach areas
- EPA-approved odor spray
- Size: 15.5 oz
- UPC: 850035003015

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Did you know gyms are sometime hot spots for all the wrong reasons? Fitness equipment like yoga mats and weight machines are hotbeds for germs, bacteria and fungi.
n-Alkyl (60% C14, 30% C16, 5% C12, 5% C18) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, n-Alkyl (68% C12, 32% C14) dimethyl, ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides, Ethyl Alcohol, other ingredients

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