Green Home

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Make sure germs aren't welcome in new homes!

Getting settled in a new house can be stressful, but this set of new home gifts makes it easier to start fresh. This convenient bundle of cleaners includes the essentials to help keep hands and households fresh and free of bacteria. All products are planet friendly. br>
Bundle Includes:
- Mrs. Jones Soapbox All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray
- e-cloth general purpose cloth
- Milstein's Natural Floor & Disinfectant Concentrate - Pine
- Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner
- Better Life Citrus Mint Hand Soap

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on 10/6/2017

As soon as I received this green home kit in the mail I opened it and couldn't wait to get to cleaning and use/test out the supplies! They are absolutely wonderful! The only thing is it was supposed to come with a method bathroom cleaner I'm assuming they were sold out and they replaced it with a better life bathroom cleaner which I'm perfectly fine with because that is one of my favorite bands as of last month! Mrs. Jones soapbox all purpose spray is great and smells so wonderful! And the ecloth is really nice so I don't have to use as much products around the house! Definitely recommend this and it would make a perfect gift for any occation !!!!

You may think your toilet bowl harbors the most bacteria in your house, but actually some of the germiest places in the home are the kitchen sink and the bathtub.

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