Little Moon Essentials Clear Breeze Antibacterial All-Purpose 2oz Spray

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Clear Breeze contains only water and a myraid of essential oils trationally used for their antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. Clear Breeze is also effective at clearing smoke residue and fowl odors. This 2oz size is perfect for travel/on the go! Clear Breeze is reccomended for anyone in contact with the public, handling money, or sharing equipment. It is useful for sanitizing door knobs, workout exquipment, yoga mats, door knobs, and stuffy air.

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Not worth the smell/ unless you have to

on 4/5/2016

I review a lot and by far is the worst smelling odor I have up to my nose, no wonder it covers up other oders! No way!

Fun Fact: Clear Breeze can help keep shoes and feet fungus free and less stinky!
Distilled water, essenital oils of cinnamomum zeylanicum, lavandula latifolia, eucalyptus globulus, melaleuca alternifolia, and other 100% essential oils.

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