me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy

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It's a buddy for every parent with a new bundle of joy.

Toss this travel-friendly diaper bag kit in your baby bag, purse or glove box to have the essentials available for your little one wherever you go. Featuring 25 must-have items, this me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy beats other diaper bag sets when it comes to convenience. The diaper bag buddy includes antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, organic tush wipes, disposable diaper sacks, bandages and a one-use thermometer to help you care for baby when not at home. Plus it contains a coupon for antibacterial wipes to use in the future. The cute case is manufactured in the USA with recycled, lead-free plastic, and is easily reusable when all the contents are gone. And when you purchase a me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy, you're also giving back to the disabled community.

Benefits Include:
- me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy is travel-friendly for busy parents
- Diaper bag kit contains 25 baby care essentials
- Includes three antiseptic wipes and two hand sanitizers
- Includes three organic tush wipes and four disposable diaper sacks
- Includes 10 latex-free junior bandages and one one-time-use thermometer
- Includes one coupon for antibacterial wipes
- Diaper bag set is packaged in a reusable and recycled, lead-free plastic case
- Each purchase of a me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy benefits the disabled community
- UPC: 85284800120

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Customer Reviews (1 Items)

Meh, not necessary

on 11/29/2016

It's a neat idea, kind of cute. But certainly not necessary. I never had anything like it with my first 6 children so I doubt I will need it with my 7th, but it was fun to receive.

Avoiding lead in products is important when it comes to children, because even lead exposure in small amounts can cause kids to become irritable or hyperactive.

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