Milstein's Kitchen & Bath Scrub Cleaner Powder, Lavender

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The fresh smelling scent of 100% pure essential oil. No chemicals or blends. Mix with water for a great cleaning paste. Simply wet the surface, sprinkle on and scour in a circular motion, this mild abrasive cleaner is effective on most surfaces. Handles stains, soap scum, dirt and much more. Feel safe using this biodegradable and septic safe cleaner. No chemicals, sulfates, phosphates or SLS. A cleaner that really cleans, leaves the fresh aromatheraputic scent of lavender. Recycled #1 Pet bottles and recycled packing and shipping boxes.

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Customer Reviews (5 Items)

Great product

on 11/22/2016

Cleans well, smells wonderful. Like that it's safe enough to use without gloves on.


on 8/12/2016

I really like this, I use it to keep my kitchen sink clean and add some to the bottom of my garbage to help it smell good.

An Effective Cleaner That Is Gentle on Skin!

on 8/3/2016

I'd never heard of Milstein's Kitchen & Bath Scrub Cleaner Powder before receiving it in my QBox, and I had hoped it would be an effective replacement for the bleach-based kitchen & bath cleaner I'd been using for years. When I cleaned my tub with it, I was actually able to put my bare feet in the tub with the powdered cleaner without any skin irritation! It even made my skin feel nice, which was shocking. It's a lot easier to clean my tub now that I don't have to avoid touching the cleanser, and it smells fantastic and not at all chemical-y because it includes natural lavender oil. I will not go back to using any other powder to scrub my kitchen and bathroom.

A unique combination of baking soda, minerals and 100% essential oils create this powerful scrub.

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