Milstein's Natural Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant Concentrate Pine

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Floors aren't naturally clean, but this disinfectant cleans them naturally.

Try Milstein's disinfectant floor cleaner when you desire cleaner floors without the use of harsh chemicals. This antibacterial floor cleaner conquers dirty floors with a unique combination of organic soap, borax, lavender oil and tea tree oil. Dilute this hard surface cleaner with water for general cleaning, and use the concentrate undiluted on tough stains or pet accidents. Safe for most hard surfaces, the hard floor cleaner doesn't leave a sticky residue. Disinfect floors with this hard floor cleaner that leaves your house smelling of fresh pine without the harmful effects of chemical pine scent. Milstein's disinfect floor cleaner is also septic safe and biodegradable.

Benefits Include:
- Disinfect floors with Milstein's Natural Floor Cleaner
- Antibacterial floor cleaner is safe for most hard surfaces
- Use concentrated hard surface cleaner on tough stains and pet accidents
- For general use, dilute floor cleaner with water
- Leaves no residue
- Features fresh pine scent without the harmful effects of chemical pine scent
- Contains combination of organic soap, borax, lavender oil and tea tree oil
- Septic safe and biodegradable disinfecting cleaner
- Size: 16 oz
- UPC: 806875678120

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Customer Reviews (14 Items)

Awesome Natural Floor Cleaner

on 9/27/2017

Awesome product! Used it as a refill in our swiffer wetjet. Smell was nice and mild. Cleaned tough stains on our stone tiles and dried quickly which is a huge plus with lots of 4-legged fur babies running around.

Awesome Natural Floor Cleaner

on 9/27/2017

I purchased this product so I could refill my swiffer wetjet with a more natural (and wallet friendly) product. I liked the options for different strength dilutions. The smell was mild but pleasant. It spread nicely with my swiffer wetjet pad and dried quickly. Worked great on tough muddy paw prints on my stone tiles in the kitchen. Excited to keep using this product!

Does NOT smell like pine

on 9/6/2017

First off it says it smells like pine. It smells like tea tree oil. Left my floor oily. Had to get the PineSol to finish. Now I have a full bottle of this stuff and I'm going to use it

The Empire State Building has 103 floors, though the top floor is generally not accessible to the public. That's a lot of floors to clean.
100% essential Oil, Food grade-plant based ingredients No sulfates, phosphates or SLS

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