Mixture Candle

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Mixture candles are 100% renewable soy candles in simple, beautiful containers (colors may vary). All products are fragranced (fragrances may vary) to create a mood, stir a memory or simply to help you relax.

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on 1/14/2018

I received this in my first subscription box back in June 2017. I am now ordering a new one. I love the smell of this candle !!! It's perfect.


on 10/2/2017

Let's start with the fact that I never buy or burn candles, however this candle smells amazing! Best part is the scent is so powerful that I do not even need to light it to get the scent to spread through my home, yet even with a powerful scent it is gentle enough to not trigger my allergies. I will certainly be purchasing more for my home.

Smells amazing

on 9/25/2017

I received this candle in Orange Vanilla and came back to check the price to see about purchasing more! The scent is amazing, sweet but not overwhelming. Too bad you can't choose the scent when purchasing!

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