Mouth Watchers Antimicrobial Power Toothbrush

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Exercise power over plaque with Mouth Watchers Power Toothbrushes.

Choose Mouth Watchers Power Toothbrushes when you desire a deep-cleaning toothbrush that is also motorized. This power toothbrush offers a unique 3D Action with 5,000 oscillations per minute while moving up and down. Plus the antimicrobial silver technology of this toothbrush reduces 99.9% of bacterial buildup on bristles within six hours of brushing. Designed for deep cleaning, the antimicrobial toothbrush reaches areas untouched by prior toothbrushes, thanks to antimicrobial dual-layer flossing bristles. The advanced flossing bristles of this power toothbrush sweep away food and plaque buildup by accessing the hard-to-reach areas where 90% of cavities occur, and by cleaning between the gum and tooth. The Mouth Watchers toothbrush also has a bed of thicker bristles for extra stability and power. After using the antibacterial toothbrush, your teeth and gums will feel just like you had your teeth cleaned at the dentist's office.

Benefits Include:
- Mouth Watchers Power Toothbrushes have 3D action with 5,000 oscillations per minute while moving up and down
- Antimicrobial dual-layer flossing bristles clean hard-to-reach areas
- Reduces 99.9% of bacterial buildup on bristles within six hours of brushing, using antimicrobial silver technology
- Sweep away food particles and plaque with this antimicrobial toothbrush
- Features bed of thicker bristles for added stability and power
- Ultra-thin flossing bristles clean deep crevices and areas where 90% of cavities occur
- Power toothbrush cleans between the gum and tooth
- UPC: 899246002677, 899246002684, 899246002691

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The first people to use toothbrushes date back to 4000 B.C. Hindus of India cleaned their teeth with the end of a fresh twig, frayed into many fibers.
Silver-embedded bristles

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