Mrs. Jones Glass & Granite Spray

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Go all natural with a multi-surface cleaner that leaves windows and other surfaces shining.

Featuring a handmade all-natural formula, this multi-surface cleaner brightens and sanitizes glass, mirrors and many other surfaces. From living room windows and chrome bathroom fixtures to stainless steel refrigerators and granite counters, the window and glass cleaner leaves surfaces sparkling and free of streaks. It's the multi-surface countertop cleaner that will replace all your bathroom and kitchen cleaning products, as you'll fall in love with this powerful disinfectant. Created with ingredients like distilled water, vinegar and an essential oil blend, the eco-friendly, citrus-based spray also deodorizes the air in spaces like closets and drawers, and inside trashcans and suitcases.

Benefits Include:
- Multi-surface cleaner shines and sanitizes surfaces leaving them streak-free
- Window and glass cleaner also disinfects and deodorizes
- Suitable for glass, mirrors, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, chrome fixtures and more
- Kitchen cleaning product is made with natural ingredients like distilled water, club soda, vinegar and essential oils
- Eco-friendly, countertop cleaner is handmade in small batches
- UPC: 741360610712

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Customer Reviews (4 Items)


on 3/12/2017

It works ok but the smell makes me not want to use it

Great shine

on 3/8/2017

This product really works! I have used it on mirrors, sink fixtures, and my glass stovetop. The name, Sparkle, fits it to a T.

hated it

on 12/8/2016

Horrible smell, smells like vinegar. Compared to the other Mr. Jones that smells delicious like lemon, I wouldn't buy it again

Sometimes an ingredient in glass cleaning products, nitrogen is one of the worst environmental hazards included in cleaners for the home. Avoid the risk by using all-natural, eco-friendly cleaners.
distilled H2O, club soda, vodka, vinegar, castile soap, essential oil blend (lavender, geranium, palmarosa, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lemon tea tree)

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