PhoneSoap Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Swipe and wipe away smudges with this phone cleaning pad.

The PhoneSoap microfiber cleaning cloth keeps your screens free from smudges and oily residue. For a winning combination, use this phone cleaning pad along with PhoneSoap Polish for clean screens that are also protected from bacteria and germs. Cleaning your screen on-the-go is easy with this phone pad that's designed to stick to your mobile device or wherever is handy. The special PU gel on the back of the phone pad can be stuck and unstuck thousands of times without leaving a residue. You'll love the durable, high-quality microfiber of PhoneSoap phone cleaning pads.

Benefits Include:
- High-quality, dense microfiber cleaning cloth
- Phone pad removes smudges and oily residue
- Phone cleaning pad with sticky gel backside attaches to mobile device
- Special PU gel leaves no residue
- Phone pad cleans screens on the go
- UPC: 640265980060

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Customer Reviews (5 Items)

Didn't work well for me

on 9/2/2016

These didn't really clean my phone screen. It actually did stick to my phone case but fell out 2 days later somewhere. At least it is a pack of two but since it didn't really clean my screen well, I just use my cloth and gave the other one away.

Germs are bad, this is good.

on 6/29/2016

Phones pickup more germs than most of us realize and we put them closer to our face so we can take those germs in. I think this is a great idea. I didn't have any interest in actually attaching it to my phone but really like keeping it handy to clean my device. My case is slick so it works well for the whole surface.

Clean screen? Not so much.

on 2/27/2016

I was underwhelmed with this product. I don't think it does a good job cleaning the screen. It just takes too much effort. And I was just trying for simple smudges and a small make up print. Also, if your phone case is rough it is not going to stick.
That being said, you can wash it easily and when it is dry it will stick right back on whatever you choose.
It's just not for me at all. I'll keep my little cloth.

Think your password protects the data on your mobile device if it's lost or stolen? Think again. Research shows that passwords can be discovered by observing the oily residues or smudges your fingers leave behind.

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