ProPur Fruit Infused Water Filtration Pitcher

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Enjoy clean water that's simply fresh, and also fruit-infused.

Enjoy fresh, filtered water sourced from your tap, rain water, or lakes, streams, rivers or ponds. Just have the ProPur Fruit-Infused Water Filtration Pitcher on hand to remove contaminants from water, while leaving behind beneficial minerals. This BPA-free water filter pitcher delivers clean, fresh water, and also works as a fruit-infused water filter pitcher. You can easily remove the fruit infusion tube and add your favorite fruits – or vegetables or herbs – to have delicious, flavored water. It holds 3.5 liters overall, with a 1.55 liter filtered water capacity. Not only is this water infuser pitcher better for your health, but it's also better for your pocketbook, as you'll save money not buying bottled water. Plus, it's better for the environment – all those plastic water bottles you would have purchased won't end up in landfills. It comes with an included filter: Simply replace with a new filter every six months to enjoy fresh, clean water.

Benefits Include:
- ProPur pitcher removes contaminants from water, but not beneficial minerals
- Use tap, rain, lake, river, stream or pond water in the water pitcher
- BPA-free infused water filter pitcher creates clean fresh water or fruit-infused water
- Holds 3.5 liters; 1.55 liter filtered water capacity
- Saves money otherwise spent on bottled water, from bottles that would end up in landfills
- Water infuser pitcher dimensions are 10.5"H x 5"W x 10.5"L
- Includes 1 ProOne G2.0 M filter
- Recommended filter change after six months

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Drinking bottled water costs 300 times more than drinking tap water, on average.
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