PureGreen 24 Disinfectant 32oz Spray , 2pack

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This disinfectant spray shows germs the power of silver.

Every home needs a disinfectant spray that works hard to kill germs. This spray disinfectant from PureGreen 24 has the fastest bacterial, viral and fungal kill time and is Center for Disease Control and Prevention-certified for use against the Ebola virus. Using the power of antibacterial products like silver and citric acid, this USA-made antibacterial cleanser is free of harmful chemicals like alcohol, ammonium chloride and bleach, making it a safe product to use around children and pets. Spray it on countertops after raw meat handing and enjoy the complete kill property that other sanitizers don't offer. Use the non-flammable solution in your bathroom without the harsh odor of harmful chemicals. Feel confident in a disinfectant spray that not only cleans your home, but also leaves it chemical-free.

Benefits Include:
- Disinfectant spray is CDC-certified for use against the Ebola virus and kills other harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi
- PureGreen 24 spray disinfectant is chemical free, using the antimicrobial power of silver and citric acid to clean
- This antibacterial cleanser is non-flammable and odorless
- Made in the USA
- UPC: 689076911986

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Bacteria cells can't form chemical bonds needed to survive when introduced to silver, so they essentially fall apart. This makes silver a safer antibacterial alternative to harsh chemicals.
Silver, Citric Acid, Purfied Water

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