Q-Tips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs

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With dozens of uses, Q-Tips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs are household must-haves.

Made with 100% pure cotton, Q-Tips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs are just right for cleaning around ears. But that's not all antimicrobial Q-tips are ideal for – you can use the versatile antibacterial products for all types of personal care. Featuring a gently flexible stick, Q-tip antibacterial cotton swabs are helpful for applying cosmetics. They make it easier to blend, touch up and even remove cosmetics like eye shadow, liner and concealers. And they help dab on nail polish remover and wipe off excess nail polish on skin. Offering more pure soft cotton at the tip than other swabs, Q-Tips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs are also ideal for applying creams and ointments. They even make it easier to clean small, hard-to-reach places on electronics or other household items.

Benefits Include:
- Q-Tips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs are made with 100% pure cotton
- Feature more pure soft cotton at the tip than other swabs
- Q-Tips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs feature gently flexible sticks
- Use antimicrobial cotton swabs for all types of personal care
- The versatile antibacterial products also help with household cleaning
- UPC: 30521017900

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Only the Original Will Do

on 6/26/2017

Q-tips make life easier in a million ways. I not only use them to clean my ears (the obvious reason to buy them), I also use Q-tips to remove nail polish, clean small places (dust buildup on my CD player in my car, air vents, etc.) and crafts. I also prefer origional Q-tip to "knock off" or store brands. There is something about the origional Q-tip brand. They are more absorbent, the cotton stays on the stick better, and the stick is more stable than the other brands I have tried.

Frequent earphone use can increase the amount of bacteria in your ears – and bacteria on earphones could spread to other ears when shared.

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