Refresh Your Car Antibacterial Cleaner Wipes 20 Ct. Pouch- New Car Scent

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Fight off life's messy road with antibacterial car wipes.

Minivans and carpool vehicles require hardworking antibacterial wipes that fight off the bacteria, germs, odors and dirt that little hands and feet track in. These HandStands sanitizing wipes clean up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 90 seconds, working fast so you can get back on the road. The convenient refresh antibacterial cleaner wipes 20 ct. pouch provides long-term germ- and bacteria-fighting power, won't dry out, and won't damage or fade car surfaces. Enjoy the fresh scent of new car smell paired with the peace of mind knowing that your family's vehicle is clean.

Benefits Include:
- Antibacterial wipes remove up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 90 seconds
- Car wipes fight germs, bacteria and dirt on stubborn car interiors
- Convenient 20 ct. pack won't dry out or damage car surfaces
- Enjoy the fresh new car smell as you clean
- UPC: 128446505250

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Customer Reviews (8 Items)


on 7/21/2017

I liked these a lot more than I expected to. They are really handy to keep in your glove compartment and use when needed. They aren't the most heavy-duty of wipes, but they're good for minor emergencies.

No scrubbing needed!

on 3/8/2017

I received these in my Squix box and tried them out on my husband's very dirty car. I was amazed that I simply wiped the surfaces without scrubbing and these cleaned it beautifully! Extremely convenient and very effective, this is an excellent product. I am ordering more today.

great product

on 2/4/2017

I like having a cleaner in wipe form.

The average car interior has 700 different types of bacteria.

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