RuMe Antibacterial cClean

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The ideal screen cleaner that clings to your device.

Keeping smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices clean and free of germs is easy with the RuMe Antibacterial cClean. This unique screen cleaner quickly wipes off dust, oil and bacteria from devices. It conveniently clings to the back of smartphones and tablets, thanks to a non-residue adhesive, so it's always at your service when you need it. The smartphone and tablet cleaner takes the place of disposable wipes, so you'll feel good knowing you're not contributing to landfills. And, the tablet and phone screen cleaner is hand-washable and reusable, making it an antibacterial screen cleaner you won't want to be without.

Benefits Include:
- RuMe Antibacterial cClean screen cleaner removes oil, dust and germs from screens
- Smartphone and tablet cleaner features non-adhesive back that clings on devices for convenient storage
- Phone screen cleaner replaces need for disposable wipes
- Reusable and hand-washable screen cleaner
- Contains two 1.3 x 1.3 inch RuMe cClean screen cleaners

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Touchscreens of smartphones and tablets are some of the most common surfaces that can easily transfer germs to hands.

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