SQUIX Hand Sanitizer 2oz

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Allied forces align with hand sanitizer.

SQUIX hand sanitizer helps you fight the battle against germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizers are powerful germ-fighting allies when soap and water aren't accessible. This hand sanitizer gel comes in a convenient 2-ounce bottle, making it easy to throw in your gym bag, briefcase or purse. Stop germs in their track and send bacteria packing with a disinfectant product that kills germs with a fresh scent. When looking for a sanitizing product you can trust, count on this hand sanitizer to deliver powerful results.

Benefits Include:
- Hand sanitizer gel delivers on-the-go germ-fighting
- Kills bacteria and germs on your hands
- Convenient 2-ounce hand sanitizer fits into purse, briefcase or gym bag
- Antibacterial product works when soap and water aren't available

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Customer Reviews (1 Items)

Clean scent and works well

on 12/18/2016

I love this hand sanitizer so much! It doesn't have an overpowering alcohol or masking smell. It's a clean, fresh scent and I love it!

Hand-to-hand and other human contact results in approximately 80 percent of all infectious disease spreading.

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