SQUIX Travel Kit

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Keep bacteria at bay so you can enjoy time away!

Set out for adventure with this germ-fighting travel kit. Featuring everything from hand sanitizer to disinfecting spray, this must-have set is sure to become your favorite travel companion. A vacation necessity, the hand sanitizer in the set helps keep your hands clean no matter where you travel. The kit also includes Wet Ones antibacterial wipes to kill bacteria on hands – or things like airplane trays and restaurant menus – and Lysol To Go Disinfecting Spray to get rid of germs on surfaces in hotels or rental cars. You'll also enjoy a steripod® toothbrush protector to clip-on your brush to keep it fresh and clean on the go. And because everyone loves spending time on smartphones, tablets and handheld games during travel, the included wireless wipes help take care of germs on mobile devices.

Bundle Includes:
- Wet Ones Travel Pack
- SQUIX Hand Sanitizer
- Lysol To Go Disinfecting Spray
- Wireless Wipes (12 count)
- steripod® toothbrush protector (1 pack)

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Travel prepared!

on 6/5/2016

I used everything in this kit on my last trip to New York. I hate to think about germs on the plane and hotel rooms but this made me feel like I was prepared! Thanks Squix!

When you travel, you come into contact with some of the most germ-ridden surfaces. Airplane bathrooms, handrails, restaurant menus and things like light switches, phones and remotes in hotel rooms are just some of the most common bacteria hot spots.
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