steripod toothbrush protector, 2pack, assorted colors

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Clip on cleanliness with this clip-on toothbrush protector.

Keep your toothbrush clean and fresh with the steripod ® toothbrush protector. This clip-on toothbrush protector attaches easily to most standard or electric toothbrushes, protecting them from things like dirt, soap and hair. Featuring patented "ACTIVE VAPORS," the toothbrush head protector doesn't need cables, batteries or anything else to keep your toothbrush fresh. The colorful toothbrush protector lasts for three months and is a must-have for the bathroom, plus it works ideally as a travel toothbrush protector for work, the gym and vacations.

Benefits Include:
- steripod® toothbrush protector features patented "ACTIVE VAPORS" that help keep your toothbrush clean and fresh
- Protects toothbrush from soap, dirt and hair
- Clip-on toothbrush protector attaches easily to most standard and electric toothbrush heads
- Toothbrush head cover lasts three months
- Needs no cables or batteries
- Works ideally as a travel toothbrush protector
- Comes in assorted colors
- UPC: 754349920016, 754349910017

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Customer Reviews (14 Items)

Funky smell

on 8/9/2017

They have an odd smell to them that transferred to the toothbrush. If you are sensitive to the smell-taste correlation, these are not for you.

Excellent idea.

on 1/26/2017

I'm on my second set. I couldn't bear the thought of my brush being open to all those nasty bathroom germs. These work really well!

It's OK

on 11/29/2016

Neat little product, convenient if you travel or need to carry your toothbrush around. I don't find I have a great need for it in my life, however.

Each time you use your toothbrush, you can be contaminating your mouth with microbial organisms because bacteria and viruses can live on for weeks on our toothbrush.

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