The Good Home Company Dryer Sheets, Beach Days, 20ct

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Whether in laundry or linen drawers, these dryer sheets add a heavenly scent.

Freshen laundry in the dryer, and after it’s put away, using USA-made Good Home Company Dryer Sheets. Not only do Good Home dryer sheets reduce static on clothes and linens, but the biodegradable laundry sheets also leave them freshly scented. Featuring Good Day’s Beach Day scent, the laundry sheets soften towels, bed linens and garments, too. Although created as laundry sheets, the dryer softener sheets also double as handy sachets. Place them in dresser drawers to freshen undergarments, socks and pajamas, and add the fresh dryer sheets to luggage or gym bags to keep clothes subtly fragranced on the go.

Benefits Include:
- Good Home Dryer Sheets reduce static
- Biodegradable laundry sheets soften clothes and linens
- Feature Beach Day scent
- Fresh dryer sheets also add fragrance in drawers, luggage and bags
- Dryer softener sheets are made in the USA
- Contains 20 fresh dryer sheets
- UPC: 688713003213

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Customer Reviews (1 Items)

These ROCK!

on 4/30/2017

My mother received these in her QBox and gave them to me to try. I LOVE THESE! They worked really well, left our clothes completely static-free, and smelling fresh and clean (not overly "perfumed" like other dryer sheets that I have tried. I will definitely be buying more of these. I just wish they came in larger quantities!

Opposites attract in the dryer: When rubbing against each other, two different fabrics can end up with two different charges -- one with a negative charge and one with a positive charge that causes them to cling together. Dryer sheets feature ingredients that leave fabrics all positively charged, releasing the cling.
Ingredients: Fabric softener and fragrance in a nonwoven substrate. Biodegradable.

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