The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Germs and stains do a disappearing act with The Works toilet bowl cleaner.

The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is the best toilet cleaner to use before hosting a party, when your parents visit or any time you want a sparkling toilet fast. Remove unsightly stains with this disinfecting cleaner, including rust, lime and hard-water buildup. Gentle on plumbing and septic tanks, this sanitizing product disinfects as it cleans, and it kills household bacteria like Salmonella aureus and Escherichia coli.

Benefits Include:
- The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner removes rust, lime, hard-water buildup and other unsightly stains
- Disinfecting cleaner kills household bacteria such as Salmonella aureus and Escherichia coli
- Quick and easy-to-use disinfecting product
- Antibacterial product is gentle on septic tanks and plumbing
- Size: 24 oz
- UPC: 7415703317

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