WC Wunder Antimicrobial Bristleless Toilet Bowl Brush

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Give germs the brush off with this antibacterial toilet brush.

Not only does this toilet bowl brush feature a flexible silicone head to more easily clean under and around the rim and unseen areas, but it also has antimicrobial sanitizing action in the cleaning pad and the handle. It helps get rid of more bacteria and germs in one action, and thanks to non-stick and non-adhesion properties in the toilet brush head, it won't collect waste or paper like other traditional brush heads. The non-bristle toilet brush from WC Wunder is drip-resistant, and features a pad shaped to more easily remove water stains, along with any other containments sitting below the water line.

Benefits Include:
- WC Wunder Brush has flexible silicone head to clean around and under the toilet rim and other unseen areas
- Antibacterial toilet brush gets rid of germs, with sanitizing action in the handle and cleaning pad
- Features non-stick and anti-adhesion properties incorporated into the toilet brush head
- Drip-resistant, non-bristle toilet brush
- Pad of toilet brush is shaped to more easily remove water stains and other containments below the water line
- UPC: 720590892006

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Closing a toilet lid before flushing helps stop the spread of bacteria, but even a vacant bowl simply sitting with the lid up can spread germs.

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