Windex Multi Surface Spray, 32oz

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Sanitize surfaces in 10 seconds flat with Windex disinfectant.

Try this disinfectant spray that combines the cleaning power and streak-free shine that Windex is known for with a strong disinfectant. Kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on nonporous, hard surfaces with this sanitizing cleaner that disinfects surfaces in 10 seconds. Remove grease and grime with this disinfectant cleaner and leave surfaces sparkling. The antibacterial product is great for any room in your house, and can be used on many surfaces including stainless steel, glass, plastic and glazed ceramic tile.

Benefits Include:
- Disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of germs on nonporous, hard surfaces including stainless steel and plastic
- Remove grease and grime with this sanitizing product
- Disinfectant spray sanitizes surfaces in ten seconds
- Get a streak-free shine with this disinfecting product
- Size: 32 oz
- UPC: 1980031768

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Contrary to popular opinion, the five second rule doesn't work? Research shows that when you drop food on a contaminated surface, it doesn't matter if you pick it up instantly, five seconds later or 10 seconds later – in all cases, the food becomes heavily contaminated.
Active ingredient: L Lactic Acid, Water, 2-Hexoxyethanol, Butoxypropanol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonate, Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, Fragrance, Liquitint® Yellow LP Dye, Liquitint® Green HMC

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