Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls 3 count

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You'll love doing laundry with wool dryer balls!

Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls naturally soften your laundry, unlike traditional fabric softeners which contain chemicals. Handmade of 100% pure wool in New Zealand, Woolzies dryer balls are also free of PVC, which is contained in plastic dryer balls. These unique laundry balls help eliminate wrinkles and static, and last for up to 1,000 loads. Plus, the wool dryer balls help save you time and energy, by reducing clothes drying time by an average of 25%.

Benefits Include:
- Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls soften laundry naturally, without the chemicals of conventional fabric softeners
- Help eliminate wrinkles and static
- Save time and energy by reducing drying time by 25%
- The wool dryer balls last for 1,000 loads
- Handmade in New Zealand of 100% pure wool
- Unlike plastic dryer balls, these laundry balls are free of PVC
- UPC: 856267003014, 856267003007

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Customer Reviews (3 Items)

Cuts drying time!

on 5/27/2017

Did cut down on drying time but didn't do much about eliminating static. I used the lemon oil a couple of times and did like the fresh lemon smell! :)

They Work

on 6/16/2016

These little balls actually help reduce drying time! They are wonderful and do not have any perfume smell. :)

LOVE Dryer Balls!!!

on 1/27/2016

These cut my drying time by 20-30%. They are soft and 100% wool!

Rubber or plastic dryer balls are created using chemicals like PVC, which are not only environmental toxins, but they can also can also be detrimental to your health.
100% Pure Wool

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